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'Assume they will kill you' | CAUTION - SNAKE SEASON -...

MORANGUP... DEADLY SNAKES ARE HERE IN ABUNDANCE. 'Bitten by a snake? assume it will kill you if left untreated' Snake warning: Warm days bring Western Australian reptiles out of hibernation. There has been an increase in sightings of Deadly Western Brown Snakes AKA Gwardar throughout the Midwest and Morangup...

Black Hawk helicopter training | Morangup Military Airspace

Black Hawk helicopters over Perth and WA’s South-West region Australian Army and United States military Black Hawk helicopters and personnel are taking to the skies over Perth and the South-West region of Western Australia from late-April to mid-June to practise operations against simulated terrorist targets. The Black Hawks...

GRV objections

Team | Apr 11 '18, 04:08PM | Tags: property tax, land rates, local rates, toodyay rates
Before lodging an objection, make sure you have considered these questions. Have you contacted Landgate to discuss your GRV? Do you know the Date of Valuation for your property ? Watch our GRV video for further information Do you have rental information about similar properties in your area from the time of your valuation?...

Drones / RPAS | Morangup Military Airspace

Team | Mar 17 '18, 02:55AM | Tags: morangup, toodyay, toodyay shire, drones
Flying Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Recently RAAF aircrew operating out of RAAF Base Pearce and Gin Gin have reported an increase in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS or Drones) which in one case came within 6 meters of an aircraft in flight. A PDF document link highlighting the requirements for the operation of RPAS...

New Fines for Littering

Team | Nov 27 '16, 09:14PM
Carelessly discarded cigarette butts are a frequent cause of fires. Over seven billion cigarette butts are discarded across Australia every year. Litter counts conducted by Keep Australia Beautiful show cigarette butts to be the most frequently recorded type of litter in Western Australia. You can help reduce the likelihood...

The Sold List

Team | Oct 9 '16, 12:40PM
Morangup Properties Sold  (prices quoted are the listed price, not the final sale price) --------------------------------------------------------- 63 RED BROOK CIRCLE, MORANGUP 2 Ha House Last Advertised Price : October 2016 $499,000 Historical Prices:     October 2016 $499,000...


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