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Fitment of Additional Driving Lights (Including LED Light Bars)

1 Number: Up to a maximum of four (4) additional driving lights

2 Position: At the front of the vehicle

3 and must only be ‘front facing’

4 and not higher than the front edge of the bonnet if fitted to a bull bar or nudge bar. Fitted symmetrically (same position on both sides of the vehicle).

If installing a single additional driving light (i.e. LED light bar) it must be installed horizontally and located symmetrically about the longitudinal centre line of the vehicle.

Light colour: White

Operation: To be used in conjunction with the vehicle's headlights All additional driving lights must turn off when the vehicle’s headlights are switched to low beam

Note: Any additional driving lights fitted to the vehicle must not obstruct or interfere with the light emitted by any of the headlights, indicators or parking lights fitted to the vehicle.

Attachment points on bull bars and nudge bars Any additional accessories including additional driving lights must not be installed on top a bull bar or nudge bar where the additional driving lights are higher than the front edge of the bonnet, or protruding forward of the bumper bar, bull bar or nudge bar.  The mounting brackets of any additional driving lights must be rounded and must not have any sharp, pointed or angular edges to ensure that the risk of injury to a pedestrian is minimised should a pedestrian be hit by the vehicle.

Figure 1 shows the locations that additional driving lights may and may not be fitted.

IB-132C (August 2017) 3
1 Compliant with the requirements of Australian Design Rule 13, and the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (WA).

2 An LED light bar is considered to be one driving light if all the LEDs operate together simultaneously.  If an LED light bar has different parts or sections that can be switched on or off independent of other parts or sections, then each independently controlled section counts as a driving light.

3 At the front of the vehicle.  This requirement shall be deemed to be satisfied if the light emitted does not cause discomfort to the driver either directly or indirectly through devices for indirect vision and/or other reflecting surfaces of the vehicle.

4 Front facing - these lights must not be fitted to face the opposite direction of the vehicle’s forward propulsion direction
Figure 2 shows the correct way of mounting some additional driving lights in a combination of ways; note that the vehicles headlights, indicators or parking lights are not obstructed.

IB-132C (August 2017) 4
Optional Front Lights Optional front lights are any of the following types of lights;

1. Daytime running lights

2. Fog lights

3. Cornering lights

4. External cabin lights

5. Search or work lights

6. HID lights

7. Backlit badges and logos

Some vehicle manufacturers may fit some of these lights as original equipment; if that is the case the aftermarket fitment of additional lights must not exceed the maximum numbers listed.
There is no restriction on a vehicle being fitted with all of the listed lights provided that each of the lights is fully compliant as stated in this document and/or attached advice's (see PDF links below).

General Requirements
Any additional lights fitted to a vehicle must be designed and securely fitted in a way that:

• minimises the likelihood of injury to a person making contact with the vehicle; and

• does not obstruct the driver’s view of the road and traffic to the front or side of the vehicle.

• The light emitted shall not cause discomfort by reflecting off any of the vehicle’s surfaces into the driver’s eyes.

1. Daytime running lights
Daytime running lights are lights used to increase a vehicles visibility when driving during the day.

These lights are available as an optional after-market accessory or manufactured in some new model vehicles.  

The retro fitting of daytime running lights is acceptable provided the lights comply with Australian Design Rule (ADR 76) and are fitted as per ADR 13

Colour: White

Number: Two

Position: Fitted symmetrically (same position on both sides of the vehicle) at the front of the vehicle (as can be seen in the above images)
IB-132C (August 2017) 5

In height: above the ground not less than 250mm nor more than 1,500mm.
Not more than 400mm from the sides (extreme outer edge) of the vehicle; at least 600mm apart between the inner edges, may be reduced to 400mm where the overall width of the vehicle is less than 1,300mm.
The angle of the beam may only be outwards 20° and inwards 20° and upwards 10° and downwards 10°.
Daytime running lights shall be switched ON automatically when the device which starts and/or stops the engine is in a position which makes it possible for the engine to operate. Daytime running lights shall switch OFF automatically when the front fog lights or headlights are switched ON, except when the latter are used to give intermittent luminous warnings at short intervals.
Furthermore, all other forward facing lights (as listed above) must not switch on when the daytime running lights are switched ON

Source: https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/licensing/LBU_VS_IB_132.pdf

If you plan on 'retrofitting' or have changed away from the the OEM of your headlamps / globes, with either HID or LED replacements, you should read this PDF document and and this PDF

NOTE: ALL changes to your manufacturers std lighting will require a certified vehicle inspection and modification plate to be fitted.

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