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Allen P R Electrics | Morangup electricians
Business type: Electrical contractor
Business name: Allen P R Electrics Pty Ltd

Location:  Morangup Road, Morangup WA 6083

To book, phone Brian or Samantha

0411 111 437

Contact: Brian Allen

Contact: Samantha Allen
: 36 009 248 944
Registered, Accredited and Publicly Insured, Licensed electrical contractors.
Service area:  Morangup, Gidgegannup, Toodyay and Perth hills.
Facebook: Our Facebook page
Industry experience
: +40 years. 4th generation, family owned local business.

Local electricians for general domestic and industrial electrical repair, upgrades, maintenance and installation.
We work with LED Down-lights, light fixtures, switchboard upgrades and repairs, circuit breakers, main switches, RCD's, smoke detectors / smoke alarms, rental compliance upgrades, cable upgrades and repairs, underground main cable installations and repairs. new power-points, light switches changed and upgraded, ceiling fan installation and repairs, solar system maintenance, hot water systems repairs and installs, generator and auxiliary power crossover / transfer switch installation, generator inlet power point and safety switches installed, fault finding/diagnostics, installation of your compliant electrical purchases ( i.e. a power point or ceiling fan from the hardware), commercial and domestic electrics for refrigeration and air conditioning, evaporative air conditioning maintenance, servicing and repair, new cable runs to shed and garage switchboards, outdoor lighting and power poles, swimming pool power, spa bath power, industrial sheds, power and lighting installed to stables and horse arenas, dairies, hay-sheds, industrial buildings, commercial fit-outs, rural electrical, power for irrigation pumps and reticulation controllers, bore pump power, rainwater pump power, mega testing,  cable testing and tagging, LED security lighting, LED Floodlights, appliance removal and installs, industrial electrical commissioning and decommissioning, main and sub-board upgrades from old ceramic fuses to new combination RCD/MCB's, damaged cable tracing plus much more.

Situated here in Morangup, Allen P R Electrics is a local business with local knowledge.
Allen P R Electrics offer reliable and honest service at competitive prices. Quality workmanship guaranteed.

Phone Brain or Sam 0411 111 437


Please don't attempt any unlicensed 240 volt-AC-Mains electrical work.
Dying while trying to be an electrician...It's just not worth it!

 The possibly of severe injury or death from electrocution is very real. Don't risk your life or the lives of others!
Electricity kills -- unlike many countries, where electricity is only 110 volts, Australia uses 240+ volts of electricity, which is easily enough to kill you. And even if you aren’t concerned about your own safety, consider your family and other people. If you are electrocuted, they may unwittingly try to help you and be electrocuted themselves through touching you while you are ‘live’.

DIY electrical work is illegal penalties for illegal electrical work vary from state to state in Australia, but they can be as high as $40,000 in fines for individuals and up to $200,000 or three years imprisonment if deaths or injuries result from such illegal work.

Faulty wiring and or cheap non-compliant components can be a time bomb, incorrect or unsafe wiring can be an accident waiting to happen, and so can cheap fixtures and fittings bought from unscrupulous, cheap, online stores. It may go unnoticed for a long period before causing a problem resulting in electrocution, fire or death.

Financial  losses from damages caused by electrical fire as a result of faulty, unlicensed installation are not covered by insurance, you may lose everything you've worked for and you may also be found liable for all costs related to any incident. As mentioned above, in WA there's quite serious fines and/or imprisonment from successful regulatory prosecution.

To book now, phone Brian or Samantha on  0411 111 437


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