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GRV objections

Before lodging an objection, make sure you have considered these questions.

  1. Have you contacted Landgate to discuss your GRV?
  2. Do you know the Date of Valuation for your property?
  3. Watch our GRV video for further information
  4. Do you have rental information about similar properties in your area from the time of your valuation?
  5. Have you read through the Landgate valuation information START HERE

Download the objection form [0.1MB].



Country Program

Gross Rental Value (GRV) general valuations are carried out once every three to five years in country areas of WA. During 2016/17, general valuations were conducted in 22 country local governments, all of which have a Date of Valuation of 1 August 2016.  Within these 22 areas Landgate assessed 72,876 properties, recording an overall increase in value of 4.1% to $1.32 billion.  A breakdown of overall percentage changes in value and an average percentage change for each property classification are shown in Table 1.

What is an Unimproved Value (UV)?

Unimproved Values (UVs) are determined each year and come into effect on the 30 June following the date of valuation (ie this is 1 August the previous year).

UVs are used by the Office of State Revenue to determine land tax and by local governments to assess council rates, most often on rural land and regional lands.

How is the UV determined?

UV assessments consider the value of vacant land by analysing sales in the locality around the Date of Valuation including:

  • for land within town sites the UV takes into account improvements such as clearing, retaining walls, levelling and filling
  • land outside town sites is valued as though it remains in its original, natural state, although any land degradation is taken into account as are any services or amenities which add value
  • land used for cropping or grazing is calculated as a percentage of the value of the land (the percentage is prescribed by regulation by the Valuer-General from year to year and is currently set at 50 per cent)
  • land within a strata plan is valued as a single parcel in single ownership - the overall value is apportioned according to the unit entitlement on the registered plan.
UV exceptions

There are certain exceptions where the UV is based on a statutory formula, such as a fixed rate per hectare or a multiple of the annual rent.

These exceptions include mining tenements, leases under the Land Administration Act 1997 for the purpose of grazing, leases under agreement acts, and land held under the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984.

Unimproved Values (UV) – urban land Average percentage change in unimproved valuations across the state August 2015-2016

Land use 
Metro   Regional   State
Commercial -3.09 -11.25 -8.19
Farming -2.14 -10.65 -6.44
Industrial -3.48 -15.44 -8.71
Residential -3.76 -10.70 -5.77

Average change in unimproved valuations for adoption 30 June 2017

Information contained above are exerts from Landgate WA. Please see their website for more information.

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